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snowy creek

your water is so clean

ripple on a yon cold silvery stream

gray skies reflect your sheen

on a fat flow once so lean


snowy creek

usually only a trickle

now roar on little by little

empowered by flurry and icicle

hypnotic and kaleidoscopic


snowy creek

your change is showing

winter or summer easy going

my comfort is in knowing

your whispery ease is ever blowing


snowy creek

in warm weather, I am swimming

from your deep, my shoes squishing

in cold weather I am fishing

within your pull, I am wishing


snowy creek

many a stream I have known

many a trail many a tome

by you, I rest no more to roam

snowy creek leads me home



Gresik, 14 January 2022

Ref. Poem by Matt Elmore


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