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Controlling Mindest

Many people know about public speaking. They try to learn how to be a good public speaker and are loved by many people. However, to be a good public speaker is not really easy. The main key is to practice and appear often. It becomes a challenge for teachers, trainers, or even high-ranking officials to government leaders.

I also try to learn from several books and the internet because I am a teacher who appears in front of my students. But it turns out to be a little different when we become a teacher and when we become a speaker or Master Ceremony (MC). Being a teacher feels easier because it is done almost every day. Sometimes, I don’t realize that I actually have practiced Public Speaking, but it’s different from a speaker or MC.

The language used when teaching is more informal and tends to be like talking to friends because I am dealing with students and of course I feel that I am their teacher. So I feel that I have my own self-confidence. However, I still have to prepare teaching materials in advance and make notes on the points that I will teach. Ideally, each teacher makes a lesson plan.

The lesson plan contains the material to be taught, the steps to be taken, and the time required to teach each skill (reading, listening, writing, or speaking) or integrated skill. This is very helpful when teaching.

Why am I more confident when teaching than being an MC or speaker? This is because of the mindset that I created myself so that it affects my behavior. How can we change our mindset to do something in public like being a speaker or MC?

Based on the lessons I got from youtube about public speaking with a practitioner named Mr. Alex Lyon Ph. D (Communication Coach YouTube channel) “How can I reduce my fear of public speaking by up to 50%?”

Some tips on the mindset we should create when we speak in public. If we can change our mindset, then we will be able to immediately change our feelings to follow that mindset.

Anxiety when speaking can be controlled depending on our mindset.

Realize that anxiety and nervousness are not signs of a problem. As Michael Douglas said, “I’m always nervous when I have to do public speaking. “I have now gotten used to my nerves and how to deal with it. But it’s part of the excitement.

No matter how rich or popular someone is, they can get nervous when speaking in public. So we are not alone. They seem to have self-confidence because they can control their feelings and mindset.

When speaking in public, we will feel nervous at first but when we can control our anxiety then we will speak fluently and finally feel relieved to overcome our anxiety.

For example, an athlete, singer, or music player, at first will feel nervous, but when they are in the middle of the game they will feel something fun and not feel nervous anymore. In fact, we will not look as nervous as we feel. The feeling arises because of our own mindset. The feeling of nervousness usually lasts less than 60 seconds. We must be sure that anxiety and nervousness are not an obstacle to doing extraordinary work. Then we should be able to assume that everyone supports us.

So if we want to succeed when appearing in public, then we must be able to control our mindset. Good luck.


Jonggol, 3 September 2021

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